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Ross and Brown would like to introduce you to our clients - 


 Bute Brewery

Bute Brew Co was established in 2014 after a Christmas Day beach barbecue conversation about getting some good beer out and about on Bute. 

We are a 6bbl brewery, that means in our brew house we can make 1000l of beer at a time. Since starting we have spent as much time expanding our fermentation capacity and our conditioning vessels as we have brewing, all to just keep up with the demand.  

Now we have squeezed all we can into our wee brewery so short of moving, which we have tried, we can expand no further. So we can just focus on what we love best; making good beer and drinking it. 



“Distilled in Scotland” – one of the most important assurances of quality in a wide world of Premium Spirits.

Close to Loch Lomond, at Strathleven , we start distillation after most of our competitors have finished, believing that they have already achieved their highest standard of spirit. In our bespoke Copper still, designed to our own unique specification, we Craft our spirits to higher strengths and finer cuts than have ever been achieved using traditional methods.



In January 2018, five guys (Andrew, Brian, Ricky, Sam and Simon) from different backgrounds, and a lot of experience (over 50 years), got around a table, and after some very interesting discussions, The Square Peg Spirits Co. was born.

Innovation isn’t necessarily doing something brand new, it’s being able to do things better, that, and challenging the status quo, is what rallies us to drive change in our environment. Join us as we shake things up a little.

Check out our natural Square Peg Pink Gin with its fresh fruity blast from the berries, sourced from Perthshire farms.



We are The Bootstrap Liquor Co, and our mission is to bring you, the people of the UK, the greatest independent drinks brands from the greatest independent drinks producers from these very shores and beyond.


Run by a young, driven and passionate team, we have a combined experience of over 15 years’ in brand and business development, sales, marketing, design and event management, in the drinks, retail and advertising and marketing sectors.