Ross and Brown

Ross and Brown would like to introduce you to our clients - 

Porrelli Ice Cream.

Porelli have been producing Luxury Italian Style Ice Cream at their Factory in Paisley since 1925.

The long established company produce a wide range of flavours in a variety of pack sizes to allow us to supply the catering and retail markets.
Porrelli have been winning awards for their Ice Cream for many years and most recently won Bronze at the UK National Trade Competition for their Strawberry Cheesecake and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, as well as being awarded a Special Diploma of Merit for their Tradition Double Cream Vanilla.
Porrelli have long been recognised as a successful and growing business.
With a passion for Ice Cream Porrelli aim to provide high quality and innovative flavours.

Enzo Durante, managing director of Porrelli ;  

“I brought Ross & Brown on board at the start of 2015.

In the last year they have developed my existing retail accounts through their expert analysis and advice, and they have also found new sales channels for Porrelli through their extensive network of industry contacts.

We have developed an excellent working partnership which benefits my brand across all channels and has delivered a significant return on investment.”


browning's the bakers.

Established in 1945, Browning's have grown steadily to become the largest craft bakery in the West of Scotland - 

Supplying our 8 retail units and over 250 wholesale customers with day fresh bakery products. The founding principles of sourcing the finest ingredients to produce products of the highest quality have served our company for 70 years and continues to be our philosophy today. Our van fleet deliver daily throughout South West Scotland, with third party haulers giving national distribution. Our customer base has grown to include independent grocers, national symbol groups, corporate caterers, supermarkets and hotels.
We operate from two purpose built bakery’s fitted to the highest standard to ensure full compliance with food legislation. The main bakery supplies our famous morning rolls & potato scones together with a comprehensive range of hand crafted bakery products. Our pie bakery produces a full range of baked and frozen unbaked savoury products, including the award winning “Kilmarnock Pie”. Whilst we have an extensive product portfolio we are increasingly asked to develop bespoke products for customer’s individual requirements. Our New Product Development team will be delighted to get involved in your product design and development process.
Browning’s recognise that the modern customer demands technical standards from its food supplier. Our technical department ensures that our bakery operates to SALSA protocols, a fully functioning HACCP system of course plays a central role in our approach to food safety. We are unique in the bakery industry, embracing both the artisan skills of the past and a modern technical approach to food manufacturing.


The Finnieston Distillery co.

Don’t just go against the grain go against the Malt!

When setting out to create our first Whisky the team shared a common goal that we blend something that can be enjoyed as you want to and not how you’re told. Often with Whisky the younger generation can be put off by simply not knowing where to begin their journey and opt for something that they have been told is the best or is the one their dad or grandad favours.
We knew that in the drink industry as a whole variety and versatility are becoming ever increasing factors in selection so we wanted to create something that could celebrate this with, arguably, Scotland’s finest export.
With Dram Òrach (which translated from Gaelic means The Golden Dram) predominantly being from the Speyside region, we feel we have a sweet, light and balanced offering that would work well in a range of products from fine foods to cocktails. We worked to produce an expression with exactly the tasting notes that would ensure we had the foundations to open up our Whisky to a wider audience as well as support future expansion of our product range; this coming in the form of our RTD Scotch Whisky Cocktail aptly titled, Òrach.



Ross and Brown working in partnership on food and drink sector projects with Zero Waste Scotland.


Cairn o'mohr.

Scottish Fruit Wine & Cider

Set in amongst the rich fields and the hedge fringed country roads of the Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire there’s this strange Scottish winery.

Since 1987 the Cairn o' Mohr Winery has been brewing up juicy-fruity, berry loaded, blossom scented, leafy layered, award winning country wines, using the berries for which this area is famous, wild flowers, roots and leaves.

Fruit wines, sparkling wines, ciders, fruit punches, apples and bourtree juices and other stuffage using near anything that grows.

Owners Ron and Judith Gillies believe in sourcing locally and living in an area flush with wild ingredients and some of the best fruit in the world. It’s all there for the picking.


 Bute Brewery

Bute Brew Co was established in 2014 after a Christmas Day beach barbecue conversation about getting some good beer out and about on Bute. 

We are a 6bbl brewery, that means in our brew house we can make 1000l of beer at a time. Since starting we have spent as much time expanding our fermentation capacity and our conditioning vessels as we have brewing, all to just keep up with the demand.  

Now we have squeezed all we can into our wee brewery so short of moving, which we have tried, we can expand no further. So we can just focus on what we love best; making good beer and drinking it. 



“Distilled in Scotland” – one of the most important assurances of quality in a wide world of Premium Spirits.

Close to Loch Lomond, at Strathleven , we start distillation after most of our competitors have finished, believing that they have already achieved their highest standard of spirit. In our bespoke Copper still, designed to our own unique specification, we Craft our spirits to higher strengths and finer cuts than have ever been achieved using traditional methods.



Merchant City is born from people keen to create something identifiable to an area, which has been a huge part of their working lives.

Allan and Adam want their beers to reflect the quality, character and diversity that make up the best of Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Each of their beers is made with the best, locally sourced ingredients and can be enjoyed in the Vienna lager, IPA and APA Brews.

Be the first to try Merchant City beers, as they will be on sale for Xmas 2017.

Please keep checking the Merchant City Website for updates as to where you can find their range of fantastic beers !


Calmac Ferries

Working with calmac on retail projects